About us

The Continental European Union Club

The Continental European Union Club, wants to promote the idea of a Large Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok in the borders of the Council of Europe with a common policy, in cultural, economic and security aspects. A common European space, independent and sovereign, a space based on the common history of the European nations and the European peoples.
The Continental European Union Club is a European think-tank. The work achieved by its members and the summary of debates wants to do proposals for the construction of a dynamic Europe, rich with cross-cultural features, and assuming fully its role of a major power on the world playing field.
Meetings, conferences and researches are a very core activity for our think-tank.
The conferences, meetings and events we organize are self-driven initiatives designed to foster participation in the construction of Europe via analysis and constructive solutions.
We welcome all competencies and functions by virtue of intercultural dynamics that dovetail talents and idiosyncrasies.
Europe was the setting of modern democracies and human rights. It also experienced two world wars and certain recent tragedies are still not resolved. These experiences must help foster our thinking so that we may craft a new humanistic consciousness.
Continental European Union Club, the European think-tank, participates in the debates of our society through its various activities.
We are based in Kiev because Ukraine is in the center of the Continental Europe, because the Ukrainian people are fighting for freedom, and because the success of Ukraine will be the success for the entire European continent.
Our goal is to come up with pragmatic solutions respecting humanistic and democratic values in the heritage of the Fathers Founders of the European Union, consonant with free nations that endeavor to create a society of free citizens.
Continental European Union Club is apolitical, secular, and independent.
It defends no particular interests, either private or public.
Although different schools of thinking in vogue are all welcome in the debate, they do not alone define its way of thinking. Above all, Continental European Union Club seeks to remain diverse and open in order to come up with rigorous and impartial findings.
Continental European Union Club rejects all lobbying efforts, convinced as it is that Europe must grow in the spirit of independence, sustained by its humanistic values and the wealth of its people who have the right and the duty to participate in its construction.
Continental European Union Club’s principal partners are international organizations and NGOs, public and private entities, research centers, universities, graduate schools and institutes.
In the spirit of partnership, Continental European Union Club works on European and international geopolitical questions. It offers objective analyses that facilitate decision-making. Its purpose is to see Europe grow into a democratic and innovative force.
The forum serves as a crossroads of ideas, a locus of constructive exchange, free of any hidden agendas.