Ihor Todorov


Date of birth: July 3, 1959. Place of birth: Dmitriev-L’hovsky, Russia

Married with two children.

Education. Scientifi Degree.

1976-1981      Donetsk State University. The Faculty of History

1986-1987 Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University. Institute of post-diploma studies

1989-1992 Donetsk State University. Donetsk. Post-graduate course, dept of political history

PhD (History), Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) – 1992.

2002-2005 Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Doctoral research course, the Faculty of History, dept. of modern history of Ukraine

Dr. hab.(History), Donetsk National University (Donetsk, Ukraine) – 2007.


1981-1989 Donetsk State University. Pre-training Faculty for Foreign Students, dept of social and economic subjects. Assistant professor , senior lecturer.

1992-1999 Donetsk State University, The Faculty of History, dept. of modern and contemporary history, Associate professor

1999-2014     Donetsk National University, The Faculty of History, dept. of international relations and foreign policy

Associate professor (1999-2008), Professor (2008-2014)

Director of the Information Centre of European Union Assistant professor (2013-2014).

Deputy director of the Scientific and Informational Centre of International Security and Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (since 2005)

Deputy dean (1999-2002)

2014-present  Uzhhorod National University. The faculty of Internatinal politics, management and business,  The international of studies social communication Department, Professor (2014-present). Director of the Center for International Security and Euro-Atlantic integration (2015 –present). Director of the Information Centre of European Union (2015 –present).

Assistant professor courses taught

International system and global development; Actual problems of foreign policy in the region; Geopolitical processes and international relations in Europe; History of Diplomacy; Diplomacy of Europe. Foreign Policy of Ukraine: between objectivity and subjectivity. Ukraine’s foreign policy; International law; Diplomatic and consular services, Diplomatic protocol and etiquette; Ukraine in the North Atlantic community; Current issues of Ukraine’s foreign policy and international relations, History international relations.

Published papers

425 published papers, including more than 40 course-books on history, law and international relations for higher and secondary educational establishments.

Membership in organization.

Public League “Ukraine-NATO” – Vice Head of the Coordinating Board, Kyiv, 2006; Institute of Social Research and Political Analysis, Vinnitsa, expert, 2002; Ukrainian National Association of the European Studies, Kiyv; Scientific Society named after Taras Shevchenko, Donetsk branch, Ukraine, 2002.

Languages. Ukrainian – fluent; Russian – native; English – intermediate (В1).



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