Fedor Klimenko


Russian-Ukrainian based journalist and editor. Chief Editor of Russian Monitor (rusmonitor.com)

In the 90th as a reporter worked in various media. In the 2000th ” during the Second Chechen War, visited Chechnya, covered a variety of social conflicts in Russia, including riots on Manezh in 2002, protests during so-called «Social Benefits Crisis», riots in Salsk and Kondopoga.

Participated actively in political life in Russia. On a regular basis took part in the so-called “March of Dissent” in Moscow and mass protests in 2011-2012. Participated in the work of the electoral headquarters of the elections to the Russian Opposition Coordination Council.  Actively opposed the annexation of the Crimea and the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine.

In April 2014 with a group of journalists, established a new online media «Russian Monitor» (rusmonitor.com), with a goal to oppose grooving chauvinism and hatred in the Russian-speaking information space.

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