One year after the signature of the Minsk agreements




One year after the signature of the Minsk agreements between Russia and Ukraine and a very relative cease fire the political process of reconciliation is still blocked from the both sides. The purpose to see o separatist territories in a united Ukraine are still very uncertain.

In February, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which oversees the implementation of the cease-fire, has expressed its concern about the further escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine. Friday, February 5, Ukrainian army headquarter staff has declared 84 attacks in twenty-four hours.

The first three points of the Minsk II agreements cover the military aspects: immediate cease-fire and complete, withdrawal of heavy weapons with a caliber greater than 100 mm, in order to create a neutral zone of 50 km wide, for all these process controlled by the teams of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, no one of these has, for now, been fully implemented.

If the intensity of the fire dropped significantly, sprains to the cease-fire are still regularly recorded, both sides accusing each other of violating the truce. Similarly, the use of heavy weapons has not completely disappeared, according to OSCE observers, who have faced more than once to the local authorities refused to let them circulate freely.

The Minsk agreements are a part of the Putin’s propaganda strategy

The European Union has to face an important and organized Putin’s propaganda. The Minsk agreements are a part of this propaganda. In this short cold war we have to face a war of communication efficient and strong. About the Minsk agreements a lot of lies are intentionally dispersed in Medias. We can see that the Putin’s administration is using the same instruments of propaganda than during the Soviet Union. They are lying, manipulating, and using some “useful idiots” in foreign countries like they did during the Soviet Union with the Communist Parties in Europe and all around the world. The case of the results of the referendum in Netherlands is a good example of the efficiency of the Russian propaganda. The political target of Putin is to destroy the European Union. But Russia is not so powerful than the Soviet Union was! The Russian army is not the Red Army! The economy of Russia represents 2, 86% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the whole world (figures 2013). And this economy is now collapsing because of the sanctions against the Putin’s policy in Ukraine and also because of the inefficiency of the economic system in Russia based on corruption and soviet culture of management. Putin seems strong because the western leaders understand nothing about Putin’s psychology. The western countries are postmodern societies, they think when they are negotiating with the chief of the Kremlin they can have a win to win process but this is impossible with Putin and his system, in their way of thinking you have a winner and a loser, and the loser must lose everything!

We must face the Putin’s propaganda

To face the Putin’s propaganda we do not need to do the propaganda of the European Union, we need only to present the facts! We need to present the results of the Putin policy in economy, in social life, in press freedom, in policy of repression, etc. In our report about Minsk agreements this is what we did we just presented the facts!

When I speak during my conferences with some pro-Putin’s people, I like to present the facts about the real life in the Russian Federation and to do a parallelism with some examples in real life in France or in other states members of the European Union. For example, I speak about the quality of the roads, the public transports, the trains, the administrations in Russia and in the European Union. When the pro-Putin’s people say to me that Putin is supported by more than 80% of the citizens of Russia, I answer that Stalin also was supported by a large part of the citizens of the Soviet Union and after the same citizens supported also Kroutchev and the destalinization policy. The Continental European Union Club will propose some ideas for the political program of the Russian opposition and will support the Russian opposition. The parliamentarian elections this autumn in Russia are very important. No peace in Ukraine with the Russia of Putin because Putin cannot leave the Donbass and Crimea.

To solve this war in Ukraine we must support the Russian opposition

We must support the Russian opposition because Putin and the pro-Putin’s members are against Russia and against the Russian people; they are stealing the future of the young generation. To be for Putin is to be for an underdeveloped Russia with bad transports, bad roads, bad universities, old and inefficient hospitals, to be for Putin is to be for a Russia with corruption, prostitution, alcoholism, violence, to be for Putin is to think that the Russian people can only live like slaves under an authoritarian regime. To be for Putin is to come back to the past, to the Soviet Union, is to give no future for the new generation. To be for Putin is to be for the war in Ukraine and in Europe!

To be against Putin is to be for Russia and the Russian people, is to be for a change in Russia to make this country a modern European democratic state, is to give for the new generation a future. To be against Putin is to be for peace in Ukraine and in Europe!

This report about Minsk Agreements is the first work of the Continental European Union Club.

Professor (h.c.) Olivier VÉDRINE

EU Expert,

President of the Continental European Union Club,

Presenter of “UA Tea Time”on the “First Ukraine”, the National Ukrainian Television

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